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Development of a training of teachers computational thinking programme

The Let's STEAM project has been running from September 2019 to August 2022 with the ambition to raise the interest and understanding of all the teachers, independently from their background and technical expertise and appetence, regarding the creation of new content and activities using programming boards and coding practices in a creative way

Algorithmics and coding practices can be highly relevant for approaching the challenges of our current society. Indeed, better knowledge of our surrounding environment is linked to the availability and comparison of datasets that are relevant to physical, environmental, chemical or ecosystemic concepts for instance and constituting them using sensors and programming is a powerful activity for the students, enabling them to concretely understand STEAM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).

In order to benefit from all the possibilities offered by programmable boards and data collection, Let's STEAM training aims to use the learning of programming as a tool for teaching, in the service of creativity, and curiosity for science beyond being an isolated educational theme. Promoting an active and interdisciplinary pedagogy directed toward the students is therefore one of the fundamentals of our approach. Moreover, in the framework of the promotion of citizen science practices, Let's STEAM training wishes to offer the possibility to use these boards and sensors in order to engage students in a participative scientific approach, being then an effective way to motivate students toward scientific and technical learning.

In parallel, the Let's STEAM training also aims to address one of the major challenges related to the development of technical and technological activities in schools: the issues of ethics, inclusion and equity. Although of great importance, these issues are usually not adequately addressed in digital literacy training, even though it is a real challenge to stimulate students' motivation, interest and curiosity in science while considering all learners' needs.

These multiple technical and non-technical objectives have been translated by our consortium members over the three years of the project, to offer a flexible and interdisciplinary methodology implemented through a complete training programme dedicated to teachers, supported by tailored programming tools, boards and platforms to ease their pedagogical integration in the classrooms.

Discover our results and explore our contents freely! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium. Let's your STEAM adventure begin!


Impact mapping

Analysis of the teachers' needs, interests and knowledge regarding computational thinking

Replicable and reusable questionnaire for assessing digital competencies

Replicable methods for impact mapping


Learning content on inquiry-based learning, programming and inclusive design of technology-enhanced activities

Activity sheets, templates and examples

Available in: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek and Italian


Dedicated open and freely accessible Moodle platform for following the Let's STEAM training pathway, discover all of our modules online and earn open badges


Start programming using our tailored version of the MakeCode block editor. Use block programming, Javascript or Python editor to learn how to use a programming board. Create your own project, make your programme run and have fun!


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