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Participation to MOVIDIS kick-off meeting - Let's share experiences!

On the 9th of December 2019, our project manager Manon BALLESTER has been invited to participate to the MOVIDIS kick-off meeting in order to provide her feedback and experience to the project coordinator and partners, and launch a cross-cooperation strategy between funded Erasmus + project.

MOVIDIS project is coordinated by the University of Nice, partner of the Let's STEAM project and highly committed to providing students with the latest innovation in the field of on-line experience of learning.

Within this promissing project, 6 EU-leading universities (University of Nice, Universita degli Studi di Torino, Universidad de Sevilla, Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes (Fhm) GMBH - University of Applied Science - Universita degli Studi di Genova, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) are committed to the development of an international experience for students through virtual mobility.

The MOVIDIS context

Nowadays socio-economic, political, cultural processes have become more complex, globalized and virtualized. The industry 4.0 determines the current development worldwide. Global virtual collaboration has advanced to a new challenge for the society. For years, the European Commission has been investing a lot for student mobility, mainly through the Erasmus+ Programme. In order to reach as many people as possible, the European Ministers of Education emphasized now on the need to involve a larger number of students and to develop virtual mobility.

Project objectives and development

MOVIDIS project aims to give the opportunity to bachelor student in Economics, to receive an international experience from home institution through the concept of Virtual Mobility (VM) - internationalization at home. It can contribute to strengthening international, digital, and virtual collaborative skills of transnational students, to preparing students to the attainment of global careerreadiness competencies, and finally, to implementing new vision of internationalization of participating HEIs.

In order to realize these objectives, a set of activities will be carried out, finally leading to the creation of institutional frameworks for implementing student virtual mobility, the design of technical and pedagogical infrastructure, and the organization, testing and evaluation of pilot MOVIDIS sessions.

Innovative learning scenarios for fully virtual courses and blended ones will be designed, implemented and evaluated at participating HEIs, which will focus on promoting transversal skills of learners such as intercultural competency, digital competency, language skills, collaborative learning skills. Not only the course content will be subject of learning but teaching approaches themselves will increase students’ learning experiences, lead to better learning outcomes, and boosting professional development. This pedagogical approach is new for participating partner countries, which other HEIs can benefit from.

The MOVIDIS project involves a consortium of four countries (France, Italy, Spain and Germany) and will last three years. All partners have been chosen because of their implication in e-learning development in Higher education, the high quality of their curricula in Economics, their international strategy in line with the concept of internationalization at home, their enthusiasm to give any student the opportunity to receive an international study experience.Experts from different backgrounds and contexts will be able to contribute with distinguished contents, producing high quality outputs.

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