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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lot of unfortunate consequences. Almost everyone has been feeling stressed about hygiene, finances, and adaptation to the current situation, in our personal and professional lives.

In this situation, the Let's STEAM consortium had to cancel several workshops and activities with the teach ers enabling to approach computational thinking and creativity in STEAM learning. However, STEAM activities and experiences can actually be easily handled at home. And especially inspiring parents that share the same concerns about the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, and the impact it will have on our families in addition to keeping kids busy at home.

For these reasons, while catching back the activities on the Let's STEAM project, we have decided to highlight several initiatives such as the KiwiCo resource hub for parents, TheDadLab or STEMpedia that aims at supporting creativity and STEAM.

Their contents are accessible for learning at home, with loads of stay-at-home educational activities for every age, tips from teachers on effective remote learning, and kid-friendly content that connects science with their daily lives.

For the weeks to come, we will share with our community several resources from diverse platforms and sources (no jalousie, we are randomly picking interesting STEAM contents and a lot more can be found on Youtube or through diverse STEAM initiatives and channels) that can inspire parents as active organisers of STEAM creative challenges!

Everyday, we will share with you one content based on fun, creativity and STEAM, that can be replicable at home! Do not hesitate to share with the community your ideas and achievements

Stay tuned for STEAM!

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