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First project newsletter available!


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Through the first newsletter of the Let's STEAM proejct, we wanted to communicate with you our main achievements we reached for the past year (do not hesitate to consult the full version of our deliverables on our website).

Join us in our educational approach which, we hope, will inspire, and motivate you.

Now we have launched the work of our teaching teams in the creation of our educational content in parallel with the pursuit of our technical developments, we need each motivated teacher ready to participate in our pilot curriculum in order to iterate with us on our results towards the launch of the physical and virtual classes in August 2021.

Many examples of inspiring and motivating activities will come to convince you: robotics and creativity workshops, frugal activities to be organized at home or in the classroom, interdisciplinary projects that you can carry out using the IoT solutions, and the skills acquired through the Let’s STEAM course!

Stay connected, check out our blog… and even better, contact us and let's talk!

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